Do you find yourself buying gym shoes all year round? Is it because they seem grubby and old? Maybe they just need a clean!

Keeping your gym shoes clean can help extend their life! Here are a few tips to keeping them clean:

  1. Don’t wear them outside of exercising. Have other old shoes you wear to do the gardening or other activities.
  2. Wash them every week, even if they don’t look dirty.
  3. Wash them in the washing machine by themselves inside a washing bag. Normal clothes washing powder is fine and a normal wash or gentle wash. Remove the shoe laces.
  4. Scrub the heel with a tooth brush and washing powder to get out scuffs.
  5. Store them somewhere clean, not just in the pile of other shoes where they can be dirtied by them.
  6. If you spill something on them or you wear them in the rain, wash them straight away to avoid stains.

We hope this helps you keep looking #fresh at the gym and also saves you some $$ this year.

Good luck

The Fitness Works Team

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