Come work out with us this Easter long weekend!

Here is our class list:

Friday 15 April 

Reception closed

6am Attack (30mins )

6.30am Core (30mins)

7.15am Pump (45mins)


9am Pump (Live)


10.15am Balance (1Hr)

11.30am Core (30 mins)

12.15pm Attack (45mins)

1.15pm Pump (45 mins)

4.15pm Core (30 mins)

5pm Combat (45mins)

6pm Pump (1Hr)

7pm Balance (1 Hr)


Saturday 16 April -Normal Classes

Staffed 7.30am – 1pm


Sunday 17 April – Normal Classes 

Reception closed


Monday 18 April 

Reception closed

6am Pump (30 mins Virtual)

6.30am Core (30mins Virtual)

7.15am Combat (45mins Virtual)

8am Pump (45mins Virtual)


9am Grit (Live)

9.30am Sprint (Live)


9.35am Core (30 mins Virtual)

10.15am Pump (1 Hr Virtual)

11.30am Balance (45mins Virtual)

12.15pm Core (30 mins Virtual)

1pm Pump (1 Hr Virtual)

4.15pm Attack (45 mins Virtual)

5pm Core (30 mins Virtual)

5.30pm Pump (1 Hr Virtual)

6.45pm Balance (45 mins Virtual)


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