We have had such a successful relaunch! All of our members are back and LOVING being able to train again. We have massive class rooms and spaces so even with social distancing we can run almost as normal! It’s been great and getting back into fitness have been challenging but so worth it!

If you are having trouble sticking to your gym routine after some time off, here are some helpful hints:

1. Make a plan or weekly schedule for exercise 
2. Limit your screen time, instead of playing on your phone over lunch or after work – hit the gym!
3. Think positive – its all a mind set!
4. Delegate more at work – it doesn’t all have to be done by you! Then you can make more time to get active
5. Socialise while exercising – invite a friend for a workout instead of a coffee or night out
6. Find a motivator – train with a friend who is as keen as you are to get active and keep eachother accountable
7. Bring the family – exercise is for everyone!
8. Get up early before you get into your day, then it is done and dusted
9. Use music – nothing keeps you running that extra km than the end of a banging good playlist
10. Buy yourself some new gear – a FitBit will make it a challenge, or even new clothes to wear and show off!

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