WOW this is a sports inspired, athletic program. Burns heaps of calories and gets you fit…real fast! Based on Aerobics using body weight only.

Blend of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. This class will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Suitable for beginners.

The ultimate and intense 30 minute Core and Abs workout. This will tighten and strengthen your tummy, hips and butt. A full 360 degree body workout. For all Fitness levels.

Extremely high impact cardio workout that will take your body to the next level of fitness. If you want results you will find them

The most intense 30 minutes your body will ever experience. Using weights to create the intensity and cardio to elevate the heart rate.

The original barbell class. Great music, great motivation and great moves that are easy to learn and coordinate. Real results, real fast! Suitable for beginners.

The best indoor cycling class where you ride to the rhythm of the powerful music. This is a HUGE calorie burner and great for all fitness levels.

This 30 minute high intensity Interval training workout on the bike will build a powerful athletic body.


The worlds ultimate kick butt class using a height adjustable step for a high energy cardio and fat burning workout.

Be Strong Stay Young

Perfect for beginners and one of the easiest ways to learn how to use weights safely and effectively. This class is a strength circuit focusing on the whole body. Suitable for the active older adult. Classes are structured to include stretching, low impact cardio and muscle work.

Boxercise (Darwin City Location)

A boxing circuit class. Set the day up for success with beginners boxing.

Box Fit (Alawa Location)

Strengthen and tone your entire body through powerful training, that will test your en-durance and strength! With integrated cardio, this is the perfect class to develop strength, burn calories and develop boxing skills!

Circuit Intensity (Alawa Location)

Push your limits with this high intensity intervals weight circuit! Composed of high number of repetitions and low rest intervals, burn calories and build strength at the same time! Prepare yourself to get fit and strong, Fun guaranteed!

No Excuses (Nightcliff Location)

A boot camp style circuit class. Challenge your total body strength and fitness every week.

The Basement (Darwin City Location)

These functional fitness classes are innovative training sessions lasting 45 mins each. Located on the ground floor of the gym featuring new exercises every week.

THE BASEMENT 2.0 (Darwin City Location)
Metabolic Conditioning

The most intense 45 minutes your body will ever experience. 8 Stations working in groups of twos and threes. This program is based around strength sets straight into a maximum cardio to peak your heart rate. 8 stations into strength super-sets and cardio kickers.

Anaerobic Conditioning

Is a 4 station anaerobic conditioning workout incorporating core and recovery. It is a high energy cardio workout.

Strength Super-Sets

If you want results you will find them here. 24 Different stations super setting from one strength to another strength set, pushing your muscles to the extreme. This is about bringing the load into the muscles.

Combination Circuit Intensity

This program is a combination of Strength, Plyometric Training, Cardio, Core and explosive training. This is an excellent combination to create the perfect athlete . Do 5 stations back to back then swap sides 30 sec per station with Tabata in between.

Plyo Power

2 or 3 people per station working from one side of the room to the other. It consists of explosive power training that is a combination of all training types.

Pure Strength

The ‘Pure Strength’ program is basically just that, PURE STRENGTH  working the muscles until fatigue followed by recovery.

 Workout of the Week

The best workout of the week is run again for maximum results

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